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Stop Sabotaging Yourself
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About The Author
Lisa  Lieberman-Wang
Lisa has transformed thousands of extraordinary souls through her work. She has written the No.1 bestseller F.I.N.E. (F’d Up, Insecure, Neurotic & Emotional) to FAB (Fabulous, Awesome, Beautiful) on how she transformed her life from living with the pain of emotional abuse, date rape, self-sabotage, depression and disordered eating to living a FAB life through the 7 Secrets to FAB!

Her 7 Secrets to FAB is not a theory, but based on years of studying neuroscience and human psychology of why we do what we do and how to stop doing the things that no longer serve you.

Lisa is the CEO, Founder of F.I.N.E. to FAB, FINE to FAB Foundation & Co-Founder of N.A.P. Coaching Academy.

She created the neuroscience Neuro Associative Programming (N.A.P.) for you to heal in a short period of time, avoiding years of shame, blame and therapy with a proven model to breakthrough whatever is weighing you down.

Using her trademarked technology, she has helped thousands through here Transformational Programs overcome lifelong emotional challenges of depression, anxiety, stress, self-sabotage, disordered eating, sexual abuse and relationship challenges so they can live an authentic life, happy, healthy and free without years of shame, blame or therapy!

In addition, over the last 25 years, Lisa has advised and helped nurture the businesses of many professionals creating 6 and 7 figure incomes today. Lisa has been seen by millions on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW etc.

  • Thank you. Definitely, things to ponder, engage and put into practice.
    Best-Oligny Tammy
  • Thank you!!! Wow, timing is's the one trait that has a hold on me and I am in the eye of the storm ready to breakthrough!!!
    Angela Bigotti-Chavez 
  • You never cease to amaze me with the insight you continue to share and wisdom that has added so much to my relationship. I apply everything you teach.
    Brenda Kiss
  • I spent years trying to fix everything and everyone around me to make me feel ok, after reading FINE to FAB I finally decided to improve myself and my relationships and everything around me got better too.
    SallyAnn Wilson
  • I have always been successful but found ways to sabotage myself. It wasn't until I read this book did I realize I had become a self-fulfilling prophecy.
    Mary Murphy
  • “In her book, fine to FAB, Lisa Lieberman-Wang has compiled a wealth of tools and resources to help save you years of frustration and pain from disordered eating and depression that is too seldom taught. Let it be your guide to creating a new life story.  Hire Lisa to work with yourself or your organization it will save you years of shame, blame, and therapy. You will be glad you did. ”
    Deborah Battersby
  •  A MUST have for all women...(and their daughters, sisters, friends and family members)I just finished this book. I LOVED it!!! It gives amazing insight to what has guided a woman thru her life and to change what she doesn't like about herself....and get results! I think I need to buy a few more for some late holiday gifts. I know many women who can SOO benefit from it. As an added bonus is that I'm proud and honored to call Lisa my friend and have watched some of her journeys!!
    Dr. Shelley Cutler 
  • Stop the Sabotage! This is a must-read for anyone who feels "Stuck" in their life. The exercises I have learned are amazing. From visual thinking to asking better questions. The past is the past, but its the story we give it that can hold us back. So for me, I had to "Change the Story" in my head. Josephine Maxime
  • Not just for women, anymore...The tools Lisa shares in this book are perfect for ANY friend or family member you have ever wished you could help. YOU CAN; buy this for them now!
    Gayle Elder
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